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Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Cesar Brollo

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Cesar Brollo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Cesar Brollo (b. 1967) became interested in astronomy while in his youth, watching the Apollo Moon exploration program, watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos television series, and reading about the great observatories. While in his teens he became interested in the fabrication and testing of optics, and while attending technical high school, studied ophthalmic optics. But the turning point was when he borrowed a friend's Newtonian telescope and he accidentally broke the six-inch primary mirror.
Cesar promised his friend that he would make him a new one, which he did by applying improved methods by reading Jean Texereau's classic book: "How to Make a Telescope".  Brollo successfully tested the new 6-inch primary mirror which he ground and polished, with first light being tested on the double star Rigel Kentaurus. From then on, his interest was towards optical instruments, with a special emphasis on astronomical telescopes.
While still attending, Cesar visited Universidad de la Plata Astronomy Optics Laboratory, there he made many optical mirrors and learned more about astronomical observations. He became absorbed in the collection of astronomy books at the university library, and like many young people,  wondered what it would be like to travel to space as an astronaut. 
After graduating technical school, Brollo served in the Engineering Army branch of the military from 1985 to 1986 for the care and repair of all of the latest optical instruments. When his service ended, Cesar turned his attention to  infrared laser communications attended  the Universidad Technologica National (UTN) with a major in optics fabrication. started working in . Then in 1992, Cesar Brollo started working at a family-owned business, Optica Saracco in ophthalmological optics. He noticed that they were selling a few telescopes, but felt that they could do a better job and grow the business. Over the years Cesar Brollo expanded the telescope showroom, organized star parties, and developed an after-sales service program by developing educational materials and teaching new telescope owners how to use their equipment with astronomy courses. Today, Optica Saracco is one of the largest and most respected telescope retailers in South America. 
Starting in the 90's Cesar Brollo started organizing some of Argentina's first star parties. As astronomy clubs started to form, Optica Saracco transitioned to support them as sponsors, while continuing to work on organizational aspects and providing educational materials.
At these events Cesar Brollo is a popular speaker on optics as well as the history and types of telescopes.  
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