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Explore Alliance Ambassador - Cesar Brollo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Cesar Brollo (b. 1967) had his first astronomy experience was when he was 16 years old, grinding, polish astronomical mirrors And when I was choosing objects in the sky to have a "first light" to this home made Telescope. I remember my first view to Rigel Kentaurus Double Star (in the 80´ts more separately that today)
Like I am optician, maybe this real experience of separator power was more interesting for me, , wel , of course that I was amazed too by the Moon, Saturn, etc
I had no choice, I broke a school friend's telescope and had to help him make a new 6-inch mirror, there we found better ways to do it and learn instrumental optics, of course using the Texerau book ..
The real story is a little more fun , most of time -we was teenagers- we used the Telescope in a 21th floor apartmet´s friend- with many classmates and friends -not for astronomy, They were most interested in found some terrestrials points, You know, we had 16.
Same Year, because I started to visit Universidad de la Plata Astronomy Optics Laboratory, I start to learn more about astronomy observation, not just only optics
I remember my book of "questions and answers about space"
And anothee one with fabolous pictures of Apolo Mision, Nebulaes, Mount Wilson Telescope...I could spend hours with those books
I was amazed to be an Astronaut
I watched COSMOS when I was 13 Years Old...Imagine!
Then I studied in technical school and I did in the highscholl the specialty in optics, which is dedicated to the ophthalmic area, but my interest was towards the instrumental area, so I was always in projects dedicated to Telescopes
When I did my military service I was in the area of care and repair of optical material, when I finished my military year I started working in infrared laser communications
Some years later, in 1992, I started working at Optica Saracco in ophthalmological optics
And of course, I saw that they were selling some Telescopes but that they could expand the business, have a complete showrroom, organize star partys, give a great after-sales service and teach how to use the equipment with astronomy courses and educational material, and we did it
In the 90s we organized our own star parties but when different clubs or organizations started to make their own we could support them as sponsors, while continuing to work on organizational aspects or provide materials
In the events I also usually collaborate giving optics talks, aspects of the different telescopes, their history, I try to be one more among the collaborators
The Astronomy talks I leave to my professional friends, such as cosmologist Gabriel Bengochea, who introduced you days ago when we returned from the annual astronomy convention
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  • 2020 Total Eclipse in Patagonia

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