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Explore Alliance Ambassador - Abigail Bollenbach
Bartlesville, OK USA
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Abigail Bollenbach is a lecturer and author, with a focus on space exploration and astronomy.
A home-schooled high school student who joined the Bartlesville Astronomical Society at age 13 as a youth member, Bollenbach immediately got involved in educational public outreach programs, today she is the host of Astronomy Magazine's "Infinity and Beyond" program where she discusses a wide variety of topics to guide and inform people about our amazing universe. 

 Abigail Bollenbach appears on "Explore Alliance Live" with Scott Roberts to discuss the production of "Infinity and Beyond" with Astronomy magazine.

In 2018, her op-editorial, “From Dolls to Dinosaurs,” about women and girls being successful in pursuit of careers in STEAM, was published in the Tulsa World.
Bollenbach works in a biochemistry lab as a nano-particulate specialist and experimental research design assistant. She recently filed a patent for gamma-ray shielding to make space travel less harmful to biological entities titled “Quantum Locked Fluxing Shielding.” After her higher education is complete, she’s looking forward to one day working for a space-related company as a scientist. 
Within a year of joining the Bartlesville Astronomical Society (BAS), Bollenbach became a regular contributor for BAS, presenting monthly summaries of current astronomy news and larger topics such as famous rocket crashes, how to make an astrophotography tracking mount, and Northern sky constellations. Through BAS, Abigail began providing programs at multiple outreach events for local schools, festivals and libraries. Abby also set up and maintains her club’s Pinterest page.
In addition to the “grown-ups” club, Abigail is a founding member and principal organizer of the Bartian Youth Astronomers, where her duties include covering news items, giving talks, greeting members, and recruiting people to sign up for the club.
She organized members of her adult and youth astronomy club to sort through 50,000 donated solar glasses to provide the opportunity for schools and institutions in South America to safely view the total solar eclipse in July 2019.
Awards and Recognition
For her efforts in astronomy outreach and service to her community, Abigail Bollenbach was recognized in 2018 with the Astronomical League’s Horkheimer/Smith Youth Service Award for outstanding participation in her club and astronomy outreach.
On April 23rd 2019, Abigail was selected as one of 24 young students world-wide to be recognized as part of The Mars Generation’s second class of 24 Under 24 Leaders and Innovators in STEAM and Space Award winners. The group is comprised of young people from around the world who are breaking barriers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) fields and bringing the sciences to the public through multidisciplinary interests.
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