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    Explore Alliance
    "Exploration by real people inspires us."
    -Stephen Hawking

    Over the last decade, nearly four million telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, and other specialty optics from Explore Scientific have found their way into research facilities, educational institutions, and homes around the world, stoking the spirit of exploration and discovery in the hearts and minds of people of all backgrounds, both young and old.

    Join the Explore Alliance and Enjoy the Benefits of Membership

    Our optical instruments have been used by astronomers to detect exoplanets, by science students to identify biofuels, and to aid first-responders and firefighters to identify dangerous threats. Explore Scientific gear is used by research scientists, educators, and renowned discoverers. But perhaps the most important thing to us are those young explorers who use our optics that are finding out that their world is much more amazing than they ever realized as they discover for themselves the vastness of the universe, and the intricate structures of tiny life on Earth that is otherwise invisible to the unaided eye.
    We built our company on the foundations of solid design, award-winning support, high value, and often once-in-a-lifetime experiences that we share with any would-be explorer. Explore Scientific has done all of this since our formation, but we want to do more. This is why we formed the Explore Alliance (EA).

    Our Mission

    The EA team is joined by a group of individuals and organizations who live the dream to nurture your desire to explore more. Our collective mission is to take you beyond the gear, so you can go beyond the everyday to make your own personal discoveries of the normally hidden wonders of our universe while giving you the long-term support that you need. 

    EA Experiences
    Our experiences are something that we invite you to participate in (whether you own our gear or not), ranging from STEM festivals for the entire family, to hands-on astronomy at historic observatories, to amazing star gazing events. Yes, you too can meet real scientists and ask them the questions that will help you unravel your quest to understand the universe. 

    Join Explore Alliance as a Legacy Member

    Legacy membership provides, Quarterly Newsletter, Contests and Prizes, Sneak Peaks of New Products, and VIP Access to our Events. A new benefit available to all levels of membership is the ability to rent select Explore FirstLight telescopes, of which most of  the rental fee can be applied towards purchase of a new telescope. Legacy Membership dues are complimentary for those who are new to our community, would like to learn more, and would like to enjoy some of the benefits of membership. 

    Join the Explore Alliance and Enjoy the Benefits of Membership

    Explore Care

    Explore Care is one of the benefits of dues paying EA Memberships. There are two levels of EA Membership that offer Explore Care: 

    EA Standard Membership

    With the Explore Alliance Standard Membership, your gear purchased from our company that you register with us, has the extended care coverage that goes beyond the limited warranty to protect your gear from defects. This Explore Care benefit is in effect as long as you remain an EA Member. 

    EA Platinum Membership

    Explore Alliance Platinum Membership provides members with the Explore Care Plus benefit that includes extended care + no fault coverage with advanced replacement service of your purchases from Explore Scientific, with free maintenance of your gear (cleanings, collimation, etc) when you need it. 

    We invite you to become an Explore Alliance Member, to partake in the many benefits, and to participate in the journey of exploration and discovery.