QHY183M Back-Illuminated Monochrome Camera

  • The QHY183M is a one-inch, 20 Megapixel back-illuminated monochrome CMOS camera with a peak QE of 84%. The pixel size is 2.4um, yielding high-resolution with modest size telescopes. The camera is capable of producing 15FPS@20 Megapixels. It has a two-stage TEC that cools the sensor to -40C to -45C below ambient. The ADC is 12-bit / 16-bit with 1e- read noise! The computer interface is USB 3.0 and exposure times can be set from 50us to 3600sec.

    Sony's Image Sensor Exmor R is a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with improved sensitivity and noise reduction - the key factors to enhancing image quality, while radically realigning their fundamental pixel structure from front-illumination to back-illumination. It retains the advantages of CMOS image high-speed operation while dramatically improving sensitivity.

    The QHY183M has a 128MB DDR Memory Buffer. A QHY183M 16-bit image is about 40MB, so 128MB of memory can easily buffer a full frame for transfer to the computer using QHY183M software with native single-frame shooting function, instead of intercepting a frame from a continuous video transmission. This makes data transfer to the computer stable and reliable because there is no USB bandwidth or busy CPU problems.

    The QHY183M utilizes the Anti-Dew features common to the QHY COLDMOS cameras. A heated optical window prevents exterior dew from forming, and the CMOS chamber has a desiccant plug socket to prevent moisture from forming on the sensor at cold temperatures.

    The QHY183M incorporates QHY’s Anti-Amp Glow technology to significantly reduce typical CMOS amplifier glow to a minimum, allowing excellent calibration by subtracting a dark frame.

    The QHY183M includes a Filter Wheel Package.

  • Description QHY183M 20Megapixel 1” Back-Illuminated CMOS Monochrome Camera
    Sensor Sony IMX183 Back-Illuminated CMOS
    Optical Format Typical 1-inch
    Sensor Size 13.3mm x 8.9mm
    Pixel Size
    2.4um x 2.4um
    Effective Pixels 5544 x 3694, 20 Megapixels
    Binning 1 x 1
    Readout Type
    w/out Dew Shield
    Progressive Scan
    Shutter Electronic Shutter
    Exposure Time 50us-3600 sec
    Frame Rate 15FPS@20Mp, 25FPS@4K HD, 5FPS@12Mp/td>
    Peak QE 84%
    Dark Current 0.02e-/p/s@-15C
    Frame Rate 15FPS@20Mp, 25FPS@4K HD, 5FPS@12Mp
    Full Well 15ke- to 16ke-
    Cooling Delta T 2-stage TEC, -40C Regulated
    Computer USB3.0
    Mechanical M54/0.75 female thread
    Power 30W @ 100% TEC, 13W @ 50%TEC

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