JMI Cen-Tech Portable 12v 17Ah Power Pack with JMI Mounting Bracket

This rechargeable power pack has three basic functions:

1) Jump Starter,
2) Power Supply and
3) Work Light.

It includes heavy-duty 6 AWG gauge booster cables with copper coated steel clamps, a maintenance-free 12-volt, 17-amp-hour sealed lead-acid battery, a built-in 3-LED work light, two 12vDC cigarette-lighter power jacks, a 2.1A USB charging port, reverse polarity protection and a 120vAC adapter with 6-ft cord for charging.åÊ In addition a JMI mounting bracket is provided.åÊ It easily attaches to any Universal-style Wheeley Bars and the slotted mounting tabs allow for easy attachment to other equipment as well.