Explore Scientific / Losmandy G-11 UPGRADE with Explore Scientific PMC-Eight GoTo System - UPGRADE

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    The Explore Scientific G-11 UPGRADE KIT allows the current owner of a Losmandy G-11 or older Losmandy G-11 to upgrade to the latest motors, electronics and software provided by Explore Scientific. 

    Upgrade your Losmandy G-11 motors and electronics to Explore Scientific PMC-Eight motors, electronics and software. If you have an older or current model of the Losmandy G-11 WITH or WITHOUT the Gemini system or a non-tracking, non-motorized version, you can upgrade to the latest Explore Scientific PMC-Eight motors, electronics and software. This upgrade includes the motor housings, a flex coupler for direct connection to the worm block, new stepper motors, Losmandy RA Extension, PMC-Eight metal moisture resistant electronics box, adapter to hold the PMC-Eight electronics box to one tripod leg, two durable serial cables, AC adapter, complete installation and testing of your G-11 head and our free ExploreStars software. Shipping to and from Explore Scientific is up to consumer. Box for shipping your G-11 head is available at an additional cost from Explore Scientific. 

    The PMC-Eight Electronics are quite unique and special. Most of the serious amateur mounts on the market today offer single processors. The PMC-Eight electronics are extremely robust. They include a 2-Channel Multi-Processor Micro-controller with 8 CPUs that run independently and are completely deterministic in their behavior, thus the name PMC-Eight. Within this multi-processor system is a 64 Kbyte EEPROM Non-Volatile Memory bank used to store parameters; a Wireless Ethernet 10/100 with full IP function which permits operation from anywhere using a browser, ASCOM, or APP over the web or serial port; and Non-Volatile Memory used to store user selected parameters. The electronics also includes an Auto-Guide port (ST4 contact input) and features the only wireless ASCOM driver on the market. 

    Your Losmandy G-11 upgraded mount is moved by high-resolution .9° 400 count stepper motors with a micro stepping controller that makes the motor work at 12,800 steps per revolution with drive rates accurate to a few arc-seconds per day. Slewing rates are up to 4 degrees/sec. We include a direct connection from the stepper motors to the worm block via screw couplers. We also include the RA extension kit so you can slew past the meridian and disassemble the RA and Dec axis for easier transport.  

    This system is all controlled from a Windows PC or Windows Tablet using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 with a beautiful full graphical user interface using our very own ExploreStars Open Source Software. ExploreStars is a free App downloadable from the Microsoft App store.

    See the "software" tab to download and install the ExploreStars App software.  


    Download the FREE ExploreStars App by clicking the links above.

    The download requires 2 steps. The ExploreStars app - which you download from the Microsoft App Store and then a Celestial database of the major catalogs of objects by clicking the link above or from Explorestars.com

    Loading the 2 different software packages is really simple. First, download the ExploreStars App by clicking the link above and install it on your Windows based PC or tablet. Then download the Celestial Database by clicking the link above and after the download is complete, unzip that file. You will find a folder called ExploreStarsComplete and drag that folder into your pictures folder on your Windows based PC or tablet. Launch the ExploreStars App on your device and give the device a minute or two to upload the Celestial Database. The tablet may say Data Missing. If that occurs, click the "AppBar" button and select the "Load Extra Stars" button. Wait a minute or two (or restart the software) and the tablet should be good to go.

    The software includes a standard 2-star or 3-star alignment procedure, over 70,000-star database, the Messier Catalog, Solar System objects and many of the most sought-after objects for imaging and viewing. The software interface features a Classic four-button pattern for guiding, centering, moving and slewing on the touch screen of your tablet. An APPBAR button or pull-down menus open to offer the intuitive 2-star and 3-star alignment procedure, selection of the various catalogs, guided tours, the sync button, the park position, search feature and the coordinate input screen to enter RA and DEC coordinate information. Numerical key pad allows for selectable and user enterable GOTO speeds for slewing, centering and guiding rates. You can also set sidereal, king, lunar, solar, and user defined tracking rates. The NGC, IC and several other catalogs are included for free via the Celestial Data download.

    Below is a SHORT video on how to download the ExploreStars App and the Celestial database.   

    Below is a LONGER more detailed video on how to download the ExploreStars App and the Celestial database as well as how to use the many features of the ExploreStars App.

    Because we offer the software as an open source, we make this software different so that YOU can write your own code and control the PMC-Eight. Create a Messier challenge. Create a selectable list of objects you want to photograph and program that information into the software. With the ability to write your own code, you can create whatever your heart desires. Share it with the community of astronomers that are using this software.  

    In addition, this mount can be controlled by any ASCOM compliant software using the built-in wireless ASCOM driver or serial port cable. GPS-compatible and auto time / date settings are dependent on included receiver on computer or tablet. 

    If you are an experienced astrophotographer, click here to get the ExploreStars PMC-Eight ASCOM driver.

    If you are a beginner and want to use your mount with ASCOM software, click here to download the ASCOM platform and on the top right you will see the ASCOM Platform. Select to install the platform.

    After you install the platform, click here to install the ExploreStars PMC-Eight ASCOM driver. 

    If you are a programmer and/or interested in learning the details of the PMC-Eight, Click here to download the OpenGoTo PMC-Eight Software Developers Kit which includes the ASCOM driver and lots of information about the PMC-Eight and OpenGoTo source code. 

    Here is a list of most of the ASCOM software packages available for use with the Explore Scientific with PMC-Eight mounts: ACP; APT; AST / ATC & Ricerca (Omega Lab); AstroArt; AstroMB; Cartes du Ciel / Sky Chart; CCD AutoPilot; DeepSky; Deepsky Planner; DFM Engineering; Earth Centered Universe Pro; EasySky; Eye and Telescope; Project Pluto; Hallo Northern Sky; Maxim DL; MaxPoint; PinPoint Astrometric; Prism; Sequence Generator Pro; Sidereal Technology; The Sky; SkyMap Software; SkyTools 3;  Star Atlas PRO; Sky Observer; StarryNight; Stellarium; Virtual Moon Atlas; and WorldWide Telescope. 

  • Description Explore Scientific UPGRADE for Losmandy older or current G-11's to the Explore Scientific PMC-Eight GoTo System
    Item Number ES-G11Upgrade
  • Limited Warranty is two years on all electronics. Register by Clicking Here.

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