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Bresser Messier 102mm f/9.8 (1000mm) Refractor Telescope, 2" Rack and Pinion Focuser, 8x50 Illuminated Finder, 25mm 1.25" Eyepiece


The Bresser classic 4" achromatic refractor will introduce you to a plethora of Earth's most influential neighbors! Drop by Saturn and see his famous rings with your own two eyes, or visit Jupiter, who boasts the largest planet on the solar system's block. If you have a mind to do it, you can get to know the Moon like the back of your hand. With your Explore Scientific Bresser Messier 102mm f/9.8 (1000mm) Refractor Telescope, you will be able to tour mountain peaks, valleys, craters and ancient river beds in a single night.

The Messier 102mm telescope uses a two-element, air-spaced crown & flint glass objective as its light-gathering source. The optics is fully anti-reflection coated for contrast and sharpness. This means that images through this telescope will contrast nicely against a dark background sky- like jewels on a black velvet cloth. When you wish to use your Messier telescope during the day to do a little bird-watching or other observations of nature, the colors will be bright and beautiful. To help increase contrast even further, the optical tube assembly has a long dew shield installed. It will help keep dampness off of the lenses when you're observing at night as well, which is a bonus.

A 2" rack and pinion focuser is included with this telescope. The draw tube is etched with a millimeter scale to help with repeatable focusing performance and the focuser is made with brass compression rings so that accessory barrels are not marred by a rogue set-screw. Additional accessories include an eyepiece and diagonal. 

A one-piece tube ring assembly cradles the optical tube and makes mounting your Messier 102mm telescope a breeze. At the top of the tube ring, you'll find a built-in carry handle that is designed with the ability to attach a DSLR camera for piggyback astrophotography. At the bottom of the assembly is a stainless steel rail that slides into Vixen-style mounts, such as the Meade LxD75.


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