Solar Eclipses

There is perhaps no better way to understand the Sun-Earth-Moon connection than by experiencing a total eclipse of the sun. For many it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. For Explore Scientific, it's often an opportunity to support people and organizations that share coverage of eclipses wherever they may occur. You can watch the live stream here presented by the Exploratorium:



This time Explore Scientific is there to support the Exploratorium Eclipse Team with an ED127-FCD100 Air-Spaced Triplet telescopes G11 PMC-Eight equatorial mounts for their live coverage from Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory. 


Our story goes back to 2017, when Explore Scientific was invited to participate with the Exploratorium Eclipse Expedition Team in Casper, Wyoming. We supplied back up equatorial tracking mounts, one of which had to be used due to a technical problem with their primary equipment. You can watch the Exploratorium's past eclipse coverage here

The Exploratorium makes it possible to experience these amazing celestial events wherever you are: enjoy their live broadcast, available in both English and Spanish on their free iOS and Android apps, or at the museum in San Francisco to enjoy the big-screen broadcasts in person.

Explore Scientific makes several good options for eclipse enthusiasts, including the ED80, the ED102, and even the ED127. We also provide white light solar filters and very portable equatorial mounts like the iEXOS-100 or the EXOS2 PMC-Eight.