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Kupe-muanenguba, Cameroon
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Mbonteh Roland Ndunge. is a young private Physics and Mathematics teacher in secondary school. Living on the outskirts of Cameroon's city, Kupe-muanenguba, it's a place full of African culture and expression of the beauty of the universe, with one of the most famous twin lakes in the world, the twin lakes of Kupe-muanenguba. Mbonteh grew up with a single mother who tilled the soil tirelessly as a small-scale farmer in a among beautiful forests and mountains and uncountable touristic sites that attract many around the world. I hail from a family of a single mum, a small scale farmer who tills the soil tirelessly for the survival of her 12 children. Fortunately, I'm lucky to be among the 8 alive today.

My dreams for the cosmos began from childhood as l always went out at nights to enjoy the Moon and stars with my eyes. But l always went back home intears, sadness, doubts and questions about who would sponsor my studies to have the knowledge of the cosmos to PhD level. The only person to believe, trust and depend on was myself. Therefore, I worked extra hard in my studies because l had non to inherit from and non to lead me and non to depend on except myself to create my future. Fortunately, l got a supper handsome and long excellence scholarship from my first year of secondary school through which my educational pursuits were possible, to the level of a BSc(Hons) in Physics and in Renewable energy in 2018. Just when my life began to fall apart again, it was fortunate to meet Francis Walsh, an Astronomer at Cosmic Obsession Kerrville, host at Revolution Radio on freedomslips.com and host on Collision Course.

With his mentorship, I see a brighter future ahead, and l became more curious about what the future will bring. Because l'm made up of stars( like the sun) that transform themselves as they age, they light up, change color and state. But I've set myself even further the stars into the future. Francis words? "...that you are in the place, just do the best you can..."  In his sympathy, we opened Books for Mbonteh Mbonteh to help underserved children, orphans, less privileged, school dropouts, gender equality, IDPs, vulnerables, poor schools, churches, provide grants and scholarships to students, materials and other financial benefits to the above groups, including myself and to help me give back to the Universe, what the universe gave to me.

His endless inspirations to me for Astronomy is unexaggerated. I study Astronomy online through workshops/webinars and earn certificates for that. Space Exploration is one of the branches of Astronomy and through my contact with a true friend, Cosmonaut Boris Otter, l got a chance to fly to outer space come 2020/2021 for tourism if l can afford to pay the fee of 250 000USD ( https://mimimefoinfo.com/meet-the-22-year-old-cameroonian-seeking-to-go-to-space ). I'm supper keen that it would be astronautics, because it's my future, the future of Cameroon, of Africa and of the world.

Through the mentorship of Francis and with the aim to of giving my citizens a future in Astronomy and its related sciences, I opened Astronomy Club Of Cameroon /Astronomy Outreache Of Cameroon affiliated with IAU ( International Astronomical Union). Our mission is to promot and safeguard the science of Astronomy in all its aspects, including research, communication, education and development through International cooperation. With our inspirations, we creat awareness and give equal opportunities to children to have equal opportunities in pursuing a career in STEM education, and to parents, tutors, and government policy makers to implement Astronomy and all its related sciences into our educational system. Members of Astronomy Club Of Cameroon are me the IAU NOC ( National Outreache Coordinator) for Cameroon and the IAU NOC Committee for Cameroon, spread all over the country to easily carry on astronomical activities.

Starting up as the first Astronomy group in Cameroon to disseminate all Astronomy activities in a country is not always easy! Some of our plans before this year get to the end is to tackle all the universities in Cameroon ( state and private ), some secondary, primary, nursery and pre nursery Schools and some underserved groups.

Our telescopes kids (3) donated by Bresser ( Bresser Messier AR: 70/700) helped us to open the heavens and forever changing the concept of Cameroons terrestrial and celestial, and to bring the concepts that Copernicus and Kepler laidout centuries ago in this part of the world. They are doing wonderful things and are still to do more.

A kind gesture from and generosity from Sir. Jean Pierre Grootaerd, a donation of an SSVI telescope to Astronomy Club Of Cameroon felt upon us like rain of blessings and leaves us with hopes that humanity in this part of the world will no longer be limited by the constraints of human anatomy, even a maximally dilated human pupil, even a human at the limit of perfect eyesight, was no match for what will be seen through this well crafted and powerful telescope signed by Astronauts, Scientists, Noble Prize Winners and IAU president. Details on other worlds, extra terrestrial Moons, and hundred of thousands of stars, all hitherto unseen by human eyes in this part of the world will be seen. Thanks to all these gentle breathing souls surrounded by me and giving me the foggiest encouragements in my adventures, through whom I believe that man must rise above the Earth-to-the-top of the atmosphere and beyond. For only this will he fully understand and preserve the world in which he lives, for this, Astronomy compels the soul to look up upward and leads us from this world to another.

My journey to the cosmos gained me the position of Swiss Space Tourism Senior Advisor for Cameroon, ISS ( International Space Station) Ambassador for Cameroon, IAU OAO NOC for Cameroon, IAU WAROAD ( West African Regional Office of Astronomy for Development) IAAC (International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition  ) Ambassador , member, ROAD member. And partial member of other International organizations like AWB, IAF, AIAA, MVA, AFAS, SGAC, and so on.

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