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    Android OS ExploreStars DownloadAndroid OS ExploreStars App Download

    You can download the Android OS version of Explore Stars app using the link above to the Google Play store.

                        Android OS ExploreStars App Database Download

    You can download the extensive 70,000+ object database with the link above. This dataset includes Solar System, Messier, Alignment stars, IC, NGC, and other types of objects.

    NOTE1: Your Android Device needs to have an external MicroSD slot and you need to have an available MicroSD card to load the database onto. 

    NOTE2: The Android OS ExploreStars App requires an Android Device (Tablet) with the following features:

    • Minimum Suggested Ram:  4Gb
    • Minimum Storage Space:  32Gb
    • Minimum External microSD card: Any currently available size
    • Minimum Processor: Any tablet that is newer than 4 years
    • Minimum OS version: KitKat
    • Minimum Screen Size: 7-inches, 8-inches might be preferable

    NOTE3: Keep in mind that the relative reliability of the WiFi connection depends on the quality of the module used in the tablet. Typically the less expensive the tablet, the poorer the connection reliability. 

    To install the database you need to do the following:

    NOTE4: It is recommended that you use a Windows PC to perform step 1.

    1.  Unzip the download and place the folder on the root of the MicroSD card.
    2. Install the MicroSD card into your Android device.
    3. Verify that the ExploreStars app has access to the external storage.
    4. Select "Unknown Sources" in the Settings/Security section.

    Once you have installed the ExploreStars App and Database, here is how you get started exploring with your Explore Scientific PMC-Eight Telescope Mount

    PMC-Eight Quick Start Guide

    1.  Connect all the cables from the mount to the PMC-Eight control system.
    2.  Power up the PMC-Eight Controller by plugging in the power adapter, or battery pack.
    3.  On your Android Device Settings connect to the PMC-Eight-xx SSID Network
    4.  Start the ExploreStars app on your Android Device
    5.  In the Settings, enter in your  location data (LAT, LONG) and select your mount type (G11, EXOS 2, iEXOS 100)
    6.  Start Exploring by selecting an object in the graphical database

    For more detail on installing the Android OS ExploreStars Database Files, visit this link:

                   Android OS ExploreStars Database Installation Instructions