Discovery Night Vision Scope

$ 59.99
SKU 44-50105
BARCODE 812257018482


Our digital Night Vision is battery operated, light gathering with infra-red. The LCD screen is a safe and easy way for people to view the image and it has a manual focus/zoom. Unlike a goggle type night vision which can create feelings on nausea, or dementia due to the goggles proximity and focus; the LCD screen allows the user to have a true digital night vision experience without any ancillary concerns. It’s a simple on/off, IR on/off and point and shoot item that is great fun indoors and out. The range is approximately 50 feet but we have had success up to 100' in optimum conditions and it comes with its own carry case.


  • Perfect for nocturnal wildlife watching, exploring, camping and other on-the-go adventure.
  • In total darkness, the infrared illuminator lets you see objects more than 20 yards away.
  • In low light conditions, the 20mm objective lens amplifies residual light so you can see objects more than 50 yards away.
  • 3x magnification brings you closer to the action.
  • 1.7-inch viewing screen has adjustable brightness to accommodate changing observing conditions.
  • Collapsible handle and carrying case allow for easy storage.