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    August 16-19: ALCON National Convention

    ALCON National Convention in Casper WY. All we can say is OMG!!!! What a week and what an ECLIPSE!!!

    The Corona during the Total Eclipse!

    If you were anywhere near one of the hot spots for the Eclipse, you probably experienced some HEAVY traffic. The photo below is 40 miles south of Casper on I-25 headed towards Denver. We diverted off the main interstate about 2 miles south of this spot and headed east on small state highways across Nebraska almost all the way to Kansas City MO. We drove from 3pm Monday (the day of thew Eclipse) to 9:30am Tuesday because we couldn't find a hotel or motel room anywhere. Super 8 had one room but wanted $385. Not gonna happen...

    August 21: The Great Solar Eclipse Enough Said! We hope you witnessed one of the greatest events of your lifetime.